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Cultural Tours


This involves day visiting to an authentic Masai Village or going to spend a Night in a Masai Village.

The Sound of the cows, the cattle bells, the whistling of the cattle headers (the warriors) and birds singing in the distant make a music that would create unforgettable experience of it’s own kind.Who knows what the village special events are for a day, Special dance, for the evening? Well that is common as this is how warriors and their  girls winds up a day


Hunting with the Bushmen has been one of the most exciting experience as described by our esteem clients. ​You talk of listening to the bushmen utter their click language which at times sound like bird calls, follow the bushmen as their move fast and carefully toward their intended pray, which could be a dik dik, a Baboon or Monkey or a Zebra. They are so good in their hunting with arrows that they would in fact shoot down a flying bird from the sky.


A visit o the Datoga villages is another exciting cultural tour at Lake Eyasi. The Datoga also known as Tatoga is the ethnic group found around Lake Eyasi. Datoga includes other Sub –  tribes most of which are pastoral tribes, widely known as the Barbaig. Their colorful dressing is very similar to the Masai, they can be differentiated by their facial decoration tattoos