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Africa is a magical destination. At E&H, we understand that ensuring your comfort and maximizing your experience while traveling through this enormous and diverse land is of utmost importance. We have gone to great lengths to research and understand each and every portion of your trip.  Unlike the impersonal mass tour operators, we personally take care of your every need because you become part of our family.
There are numerous personal tasks which must be completed by each traveler before departing to complement our efforts, thus creating an organized and relaxing holiday. These include consulting with a local medical practitioner, visa and passport formalities, and of course, packing. We would be more than pleased to advise you on any of these topics. Upon booking each client receives in depth travel details for their particular safari tour including further details and special Africa safari tips pertaining to air travel, clothing, credit cards, currency, electricity, health, language, laundry, luggage, passports, photography, safety, tipping, trip insurance, weather, and wildlife along with a personalized Travel Checklist.
Below we have included answers to some of the most frequently asked safari questions.
Why should I go on safari with E&H?
Africa remains the last outpost of raw adventure, a refuge from the modern world.  From the splendor of the Serengeti teeming with herds of a million wildebeest, to the the pristine beauty of the Ngorongoro Crater, there truly is no place like this in all the world.
Our clients regularly describe their luxury adventure with E&H as an “experience of a lifetime.”  We are proud of our specialized luxury tours which remain unparalleled in the industry.  You will find that we are not your typical mass tour operator, but a specialized provider of “an experience of a lifetime.”
Our specialty is providing our clients with the best cultural and wildlife experience they will find anywhere in the World.  We invite you to compare our array of inviting “life experiences” and compare these to the itineraries of the other tour operators and you will see the difference in our quality, attention to detail, program content, cultural experiences, wildlife encounters, and overall superb experience.
What are the accommodations like?
Luxury safari lodges and luxury tented camps provide absolute first class accommodations.  Since we only use the best, all the lodges that we use are five-star equivalents and provide the level of pampering and comfort you are used to.  We have taken great care in selecting each accommodation based on comfort, location, and overall customer experience.  Unlike other tour operators who book their customers in one single “chain” of lodges, we choose the best from all the lodges to ensure your experience goes well beyond the others.
Are there opportunities to meet with local people or visit real African villages?
There are many opportunities for cultural interaction. We will gladly customize our tours to local schools, markets, and villages.  If you’re interested we will even arrange for you to spend A Night in the Village and  participate in daily chores such as milking cows, planting crops, herding goats, or carrying water.  From carrying firewood to sitting for hours around a smoky fire listening to stories many people feel that their lives are forever changed by this experience.
In addition we can arrange for tours with a local traditional healer who can guide you through the bush while teaching about the medicinal properties of certain plants and roots.   You will find that no tour company can provide the type and quality of cultural interaction that E&H can provide.  Let us know the type of experience you are looking for, and let us take care of the rest.
Does your company support African environmental and wildlife conservation groups?
Absolutely! By booking a safari through E&H, you are helping to conserve Africa’s environment and wildlife. E&H actively supports local conservation efforts and we have been recognized by the national parks service.  Due to our status as an active conservationist, we have access to locations that other tour operators don’t, which mean our clients get to see more while at the same time actively support wildlife conservation.
What types of food are served on safari?
All the food that you will have on safari will be of the highest quality and equivalent to the foods you would expect to find at fine restaurants back home.  The luxury lodges employ gourmet cooks who bake fresh breads, and produce soups, salads, and entrees that could easily grace tables at top restaurants around the world.
Meals are typically prepared with an international flair with soups, salads, meats, fish, pasta, and fresh breads.  Depending on your preference, your day could start with tea and biscuits before your early morning game run, returning to your lodge late morning, where you can enjoy a great brunch of – cereals, fruit, bacon, eggs, sausage, and toast.  If you prefer a somewhat later departure, you may enjoy the breakfast buffet at you leisure and then head out on your game run.
Dinner typically consists of an appetizer followed by meats, fish and pasta dishes served with assorted vegetables and sauces.  Dinner is followed by coffee (or tea), cheeses, and gorgeous desserts.
Are there phones available on all parts of the trip?
Phones are available at the luxury lodges should you need one. Mobile phone coverage is available in most of the areas you will visit.  In addition, many of the luxury lodges we utilize will have Internet access, should you need access to email or other Internet services.
What drinks are available on safari?
On our luxury safaris, drinks are included in our all inclusive package. This includes unlimited bottled water and soft drinks while in our safari vehicles.  In addition, breakfast, lunch, and dinners at the luxury lodges include drinks as well.  On certain safaris, we even host an exclusive cocktail reception for our guests.
Special imported drinks i.e. Scotch whiskey, certain wines, if available, are normally on your own account.
What type of baggage / luggage should I take?
Luggage should be kept to a minimum – 15 kg’s / 33 pounds per person packed in a soft duffel bag. Hard sided suitcases and soft-sided internal frame carry on luggage are not acceptable as they will not fit in the baggage compartment in the safari vehicles and small aircraft which may be used depending on your itinerary.   Remember – laundry service is offered at all of the luxury lodges you will be staying at.
Where is the airport?  How do we get around?
The flight to Tanzania will take you to Kilimanjaro International Airport, where a smiling E&H representative will greet you and assist you through the airport procedures.  From there you will be in our hands and we will provide all necessary transportation throughout your adventure.
What type of clothes should I take on safari?
When on safari it is best to wear grey, brown or khaki colored clothing during the months of July through October, and green clothing during the months of November through June so as not to alert wildlife of your presence.  Since our adventures allow for opportunities of close interaction with wildlife, we  typically make more detailed recommendations than our competitors.  White & other bright colors are usually not recommended but are allowable if you choose.
Bring comfortable clothes that are cool, but that can layer to keep you warm at night or on game drives.  It is also advisable to bring a pair of sandals, comfortable walking shoes, a swimsuit, and a hat to block the sun.
Do you have any customer testimonials I could read?
Absolutely, we are very proud of our successful adventures.  Please take some time and read our wonderful Customer Testimonials Here.
What is there to buy in Africa?
Depending on your shopping desire, we can arrange visits to the best shopping venues.  Unlike the mass tour operators that take you to the “tourist” traps were they receive a commission, we will take you to local artisans and shops where, not only your money will go further, but also will directly support those who create these works of art.
In addition, the lodges have small curio shops where you can buy postcards, local goods such as carvings or books, clothing (hats, shirts), and film. In larger towns you will find African curio markets where you can by all sorts of carvings, masks, drums, jewelry etc…in general souvenirs and curios are inexpensive (in US dollar terms) – still, fun spirited bartering is the norm.
In most cities there are upscale jewelers and art galleries where you can easily spend hundreds, even thousands, of dollars on African art if that is what you are looking for.
Most shops also offer shipping of your purchase for an additional fee.
Our family wants to enjoy a safari. Are children allowed on safari?
Not only are they allowed, we encourage it!  Please contact us and we’ll send you information on our exclusive Family Safaris.  What an experience for your child to visit nature as it was truly intended to be.  To see cultures that most people only see in magazines.  Your child will return with a greater respect for wildlife and a greater understanding of the diversity of cultures our world has to offer.  Many return with a new appreciation for all the great things they have in their own lives.  To truly get the maximum experience for your youngster, we would recommend them be at least an age of 8 years old.  This is just a rule of thumb, but one that seems to work pretty well.  Please contact our office we would be more than happy to discuss this with you even more.  We know that this is important and will spend all the time necessary to make sure you have a great experience.
Do you have a checklist of things I should bring with me on the trip?
Our attention to detail is something we take pride in.  Upon booking your safari, we will send you a detailed checklist of all the things that you will need to do, pack, and think about before coming on your adventure.