Visit and Hunting with the Bushmen

Hunting with the Bushmen has been one of the most exciting experience as described by our esteem clients.

You talk of listening to the bushmen utter their click language which at times sound like bird calls, follow the bushmen as their move fast and carefully toward their intended pray, which could be a dik dik, a Baboon or Monkey or a Zebra. They are so good in their hunting with arrows that they would shoot down a flying bird from the sky.
This activity starts as early as five in the morning the reason being to catch up with the bushmen just before they get up for their early morning hunt.

We would see the bush men kids climb huge trees like baobab just like the way the monkey or baboon would do, We would see them dance in the end to celebrate their successful hunt.
We have an opportunity to also lean how to shoot arrows on target as we get first hand training from the bushmen.The Bush mean leave under rocks caves or in holes huge tree like baobab, etc, They live as hunters and gatherers and they had been living that way for centuries.
​Your visit with the bush men would create ever lasting memories.

The tour with the Bushmen by Lake Eyasi can vary from a day to three depending on your time as we could go visit different clans and lean about their  culture and take pictures etc. With us is the a professional guide who speaks the bush men language and would be our interpreter.

​This tour can be done independently or as part of  a 3 Days Cultural Tour or as part of Wildlife Safari Such as Ultimate Tanzanian Safari depending on clients need and available time for the tour.

Contact Us for inquiries or booking of this tour
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