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Kilimanjaro Climb

During Kilimanjaro climb, guests  sleep in mountain tents ( Mountain Hardwear tents ) double occupancy.  Single supplement request should be communicated to us well in advance. Single supplement is subjected  to surcharged.  Meals are served in mess tent lined with dining tables and chairs with back support.  Our guests are provided with private portal potty toilet complete system.

Three meals are served per day- BREAKFAST/ LUNCH/ DINNER. Every big meal is served with hot fluids and is a 3 course meals-SOUP/ MAIN COURSE/ DESSERT topped with coffee/ hot chocolate or tea . Plenty and different varieties of fresh fruits are served  during all meals.

Vegetarians and any special food requirements are taken care.


Typical day get up is around 06:30 am where camp crew go around tents to serve morning call or wake up call drinks. Brewed local coffee is served together with regular tea, hot chocolate/ milo or just hot water. Spiced tea can be served on request. Morning call is for departure preparations, and  pack before breakfast. Breakfast is usually served from 07:15-08:00 am, with exception of the summit day!

There are shorter and longer day/ hike. Shorter hike days, lunch is taken in camps and longer day hike picnic lunch is served along the trail.  On arrival in camps, guests are served with hot water to clean faces, hands. Hairs and legs. Hot drinks and snacks are also served to guests while in camps.

Supporting crew have their own tents to sleep and cook, Have their own food as well.

Drinking water is available from streams and springs, but must be treated before one can drink. It is recommended one climber must drink at least 3-4 liters per day.

Bottled mineral drinking water is available in Tanzania, and can be purchased and carried up during the climb.  The purchase and hauling up to Kilimanjaro during the climb needs extra cash to pay extra porters and purchasing water itself.


Climbers using Rongai/  Loitoktok the less traveled route summit from Kibo hut and descend through Marangu “Coca cola” route.  While in Kibo and Horombo Huts, climbers from Rongai/ Loitoktok Route  sleep in tents but can use other services such as toilets.


The extra day at Cave III is also very important for climbers to acclimatize well and  this  helps to increase chances to reach the summit.

Climbing Routes; Marangu Route, Shira Route, Rongai Route