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Lake Eyasi

Lake Eyasi is a seasonal shallow endorheic salt lake on the floor of the Great Rift Valley at the base of the Serengeti Plateau, just south of the Serengeti National Park and immediately southwest of the Ngorongoro Crater in the Crater Highlands of Tanzania

Lake Eyasi cultural tourA melting pot of culture, Lake Eyasi offers a different experience from what you’ll find on a traditional safari. Here, you can actually get out of the car — you can explore the trails around the lake, canoe along the shore,  walk through nearby tribal villages, or just sit and enjoy the beautiful lake views (especially at sunset on top of the rock).

While it’s possible to see wildlife, what makes Lake Eyasi truly special is the opportunity to visit with the local tribes. The Datoga are a pastoral group like the Maasai, and it’s always interesting to visit the local Blacksmith or The Bushmen (Hadza)

Bushmen/hadzabe Making fire

One can also venture into the bush with the nomadic, hunter-gatherer Bushmen during A Cultural Tour and Hunting With the Bushmen Program. This has been one of the most exciting experience as described by our esteem clients. You talk of listening to the bushmen utter their click language which at times sound like bird calls, follow the bushmen as their move fast and carefully toward their intended pray, which could be a dik dik, a Baboon or Monkey or a Zebra. They are so good in their hunting with arrows that they would shoot down a flying bird from the sky.