Overnight in a Masai Village

This starts out with Arrival to an authentic Masai village late in the evening at the time when cattle are coming into the village from grazing.The Sound of the cows, the cattle bells, the whistling of the cattle headers ( the warriors) and birds singing in the distant make a music that would create unforgettable experience of it’s own kind. Who knows what the village special events are for a day, Special dance, for the evening? Well that is common as this is how warriors and their  girls winds up a day. ​Milking of the cows in the evening is done by women and this is a daily incident in the village. Women going out to fetch water from the river with their donkeys

Among other things we will see the slaughtering of the cows or goat depending on that days plan for dinner.

Tonight you will be having dinner outside in an circular enclosure, typical of the place where the cows are kept overnight.

There will be a big bon fire and dance would take place around there fire. Special chef would cook your dishes starting with starter, soup main course and desert in the end.

It would not be unusual to hear a lion roar, or a hyena laughing as the village shares the same habitat with the wild animals. We have warrior staying up as night guards in case on of your walk out of the fenced area to the join the Hyenas laughing.

The Morning in the Maasai village is full of life as the Sun – rises, the cows are getting milked by the women and cows would then be let out for grazing on distant lands, while donkeys are being released to be let out to fetch water. Birds are singing and your professional guide would be there to identify your different bird calls.

If you wish you can join in the cow milking or follow the cattle out grazing or join other women or young girls out fetching water or collecting firewood.

The nature walk starts right after breakfast. Be prepared as it can turn really wild, you talk of giraffes parading, zebra running and elephants stumping.

This tour can be done independently or as part of a cultural tour o safari.

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