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Our Safaris

Our Safaris are one of the kind, We organize Safaris and Great Game Runs in the Best National Parks​

Serengeti National Park – The Famous Park, Ngorongoro Crater – Wonder of the World, Arusha National Park – the Hidden Gem.

Tarangire National Park – the Elephants,  Lake Manyara National Park – the Flamingos,

Kilimanjaro Adventure – Trek up the highest free standing mountain in the world and the highest point in Africa.


It’s hard to budget your spending money when on vacation. Let us know how much you’d like to spend, and we’ll draft you a Customized budget Itinerary.

We have Budget Safari Packages for private and group clients, Special Low Season Budget Packages are provided for April and May.


If your group wants to experience the ultimate experience of a lifetime, let us customize it exactly the way you want.  Imagine sharing with your friends, the best of wildlife, culture, and luxury lodging for an experience that only E&H can offer.  Call us today to begin customizing an experience just for you.

  • Your group is the only one traveling on the tour.  No more having to accommodate for the other members of a “mass” tour, so there is more time to do the things you want to do.  Private Tours have More Fun – This has been the conclusion from several surveys on the subject, and it intuitively makes sense.
  • Since you know everyone in your group, it is much easier to be yourself.See things and go places not accessible or practical for large “mass market” tour operators.


Special Request – Have it your way

We are well known for those “special moments” that make for a unforgettable experience.

How about lunch in the middle of the Serengeti next to a cropping of rocks where a pride of Lions slept the previous night!  How do we know?  We will show you evidence of their recent stay.  Rest assured you are completely safe…we will search the area to make sure it is clear and you are only steps from your vehicle

Just let Us know what you want and we will organize it for you.



      Masai Cultural Learning Program

This E&H exclusive program lets you experience first hand the culture of the Maasai people.  Don’t confuse this with the traditional mass tour operator of a “visit” to a Maasai village (re-creation for tourists).  Our program will take you into a multi-generational Maasai tribe and experience the people firsthand.  Meet the leader of the village, see traditional dances, see the traditional healer, spend a night in the Maasai Village, Or even going Hunting With The Bushmen!! whatever your heart desires, we can make it come true.


      Hunting with the Bushmen

​Hunting with the Bushmen has been one of the most exciting experience as described by our esteem clients.You talk of listening to the bushmen utter their click language which at times sound like bird calls, follow the bushmen as their move fast and carefully toward their intended pray, which could be a dik dik, a Baboon or Monkey or a Zebra. They are so good in their hunting with arrows that they would shoot down a flying bird from the sky