Shira Route 8 Days Climb

8 Days Climb Route

Shira route approaches Kilimanjaro from the west same as Loemosho Route which is the variation of Shire Route.

On the first day on the mountain, climbers begin their hike from 11,800 feet (3,600 m) and spend their first night at the same elevation at Simba Camp. Then, the route merges with lemosho route.

Day 1 – Arrival to Tanzania

You will be met at Kilimanjaro International Airport by your smiling guide from E&H upon your arrival in Tanzania.  From there you will be in the capable hands of E&H and we’ll make sure your entire adventure will be a fabulous experience.  Your E&H guide will assist you through the airport procedures and then take you directly to your hotel.  Here you will receive your welcome packet and spend the rest of the day recovering from your flight, relaxing and resting for your adventure.


Day 2 – Montane Forest (9000 ft)

Today your adventure begins!  Your guide will meet you at the hotel, where you will have an opportunity to familiarize yourself with your team (guide, porters, cooks, etc.) and the fellow members of your group.  Your guide will give a trip briefing and check your equipment to ensure they are in good working order.  Once everything is checked out, we will take a short drive through the beautiful grasslands and scattered Masai villages and arrive at the forest edge of the National Park.From here we will hike a few hours through the undisturbed lush jungle to our camp for the night.  Your E&H guides will share their knowledge of the local ecology as you walk through the fantastic plants and trees, hear birds, and see other exotic wildlife.

Day 3 – Shira Plateau West Side (11,300 ft)

Upon waking, your E&H team will greet you at your tent with tea and hot water to wash with before enjoying breakfast.  We will take our time walking through the forest, which enables us to acclimatize comfortably and spot the plentiful game and bird life while enjoying the views down canyon through breaks in the jungle.  Today’s hike will take us through the Montane Forest and the Hagenia Zone. We will point out the unique environmental differences that characterize these separate equatorial zones.

Day 4 – Shira Plateau East Side Fischers Camp (12,950 ft)

It will take us roughly three hours to hike across the Shira Plateau and then one hour up the western slope of the Kibo Massif. Our Camp will be at about 12,300 feet, in the upper Heath Zone.  The views of the mountain at sunset and sunrise are truly spectacular..

Day 5 – Lava Tower (14,300 ft)

After our first class breakfast, we will slowly hike to 14,300 feet, just under the “Lava Tower.”  This will be our first introduction to the Alpine Zone where the only plant life is the hardiest of grasses and lichens.  Here, we will have a spectacular view of our final ascent up the Western Breach. There is an exciting optional rock scramble (non-technical) to the top of this wild lava tower.  The views from the lava tower summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, Mount Meru and the surrounding valleys are quite impressive.

Day 6 – Arrow Glacier (16,000 ft)

As we continue climbing, the Western Breach ascent route will come into full view. We spend a few hours climbing to the base of the route where we will eventually make a camp near the Arrow Glacier at 15,700 feet. In order to aid our acclimatization process, we will take an afternoon hike up a spectacular ridge further up the route before relaxing in camp. This camp is famous for the absolutely magnificent sunsets, which illuminate the African sky.

Day 7 – Summit Crater Camp (18,500 ft)

We will work our way up the Western Breach non-technical climbing route for about seven hours to the edge of the crater floor. There will be time to explore the inner crater before moving to our high camp on the crater floor. It is common to find sections of snow along this section. Our high camp will be situated adjacent to a spectacular glacier with the summit merely a short hike away!

Day 8 – Reaching the Summit and Mweka Camp (10,500 ft)

After breakfast, we will leave camp and hike to the top of the crater rim. From there it is just a ten-minute hike to Uhuru Summit, the highest point in Africa 19,340 feet! We arrive at the summit and are rewarded with clear views before the mid-morning clouds roll in. We will bask in the glory of our accomplishment, grab a bite to eat, enjoy the views and take lots of photographs. After summit celebrations we will begin our descent past Barafu Hut and down to our camp near Mweka Hut.

Day 9 – Mweka Gate

Hiking time (about 3 to 4 hours) will vary depending on the trail conditions while traveling through the lush vegetation at this elevation.  Once we have descended the 4,500 feet to the road head we will have our lunch and say good-bye to our mountain staff before heading off to the hotel.  At the Hotel you can relax, swim in the pool and enjoy your accomplishment in leisure.  A Celebratory dinner at the Hotel will follow!

​Day 10 

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